To Catch A Traitor

What a dive. Glancing around the BDSM club, Nate tightened his hold on the leather leash. He needed his head examined. It seemed like ages ago when he’d frequented places like this. If anyone recognized him… No, he was counting on that. He had to look the part. He’d even pulled out an old pair of leather pants. Sadly, instead of getting him into the role, those pants had really driven it home that this wasn’t his life anymore. The constant horseback riding with Aiden and fencing with Trouble had made the pants fit a little looser than when he’d last worn them. Wasn’t marriage supposed to make you fat?

The loud bang of fireworks reverberated through the club and Nate reached for his hip. Damn. He had a knife in left boot and a small fragger in the right, but he’d gotten too used to carrying a sword. Of all days he had to pick the day of the Independence Day celebration.

A hand tangled in the back of his shirt again and body heat warmed his right side.

He didn’t turn or give any indication that he felt his sub’s distress although he certainly did. He’d had reservations about bringing the boy here, but he was a sub and anyone that saw him wouldn’t think him out of place. No way could Nate have brought someone not in the lifestyle with him and expect to keep their cover. It was tricky, but he also needed someone with good observation skills which is why he’d had such a limited choice in whom to bring. Perhaps he should’ve come alone?

He may have frequented BDSM clubs a few years back, but he was certain he’d never been in the particular club on this particular space station. Which made him feel slightly less apt to get caught. He could draw and quarter himself for this, but he had no other choice. If he located the traitor it would be worth even his in-laws’ displeasure.

Someone cried out, sounding anything but pleasure filled.

A faint “eep” came from behind Nate and the hand wrapped in his silk shirt now had a death grip.

Nate discreetly removed the hand from his shirt, tugged the leash gently and kept moving. He tried to find a suitable activity where he could keep watch and look as though he were enjoying the entertainments. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t a hell of a lot he could do without feeling guilty as hell. This was a bad idea. He should have sent someone else, but no one else would’ve been a believable Dom. Yeah, and right now you’re real believable, old man. How had he ever done this? It wasn’t that it no longer appealed. It did… just not with any ole random sub and most certainly not in public.

Nate jiggled the leash when it got tighter to get them moving again. He had to stop worrying what Aiden would think. The sooner he found the traitor the sooner he could go home and put all this behind him.

To the left was a bar and seating area. Slaves pleasured their masters and Tops conversed, talking shop. On the right was a stage where a demonstration was taking place. Nate stopped a moment to admire the Dom’s talent with a bullwhip. The petite red headed sub was positively elegant. She was so far into subspace she was absolutely radiant.

Nate tapped the riding crop against his thigh feeling the sting even through the thick leather and kept walking. Maybe he could take a few moments to play…it might put his skittish sub at ease. He squinted toward the edges of the room where alcoves with different equipment stood. There were chairs, sofas and pallets set up in front of each one, for viewing. He’d need somewhere he could keep his eye on the room.

They passed an orgy, a woman in rope suspension and a mock stable complete with ponies and quite a few stable masters.

The hand tangled in his shirt again accompanied this time by a face pressed against his arm.

Instead of freeing himself, Nate untangled the slim fingers and held them so that he had a leash and crop in one hand and a damp trembling hand in the other.

“Do you see anyone?” The quiet voice asked then softly added, “S-sir? Um, Master?”

Nate grinned at the hesitant “Master.” That was the third time tonight he’d heard it.

“No. You?”

“No, Mast— Sir.”

An attendant washed down a Saint Andrew’s cross to their left.

Nate hurried his pace. The cross was situated to where he’d have an excellent view of the majority of the floor. “Master is fine, boy. If you like it better than sir I won’t quibble over it.”

“It feels more… It feels safer in here…Master.”

“Mmm…” Nate located the nearest exits and the closest action. There were two very close exits and it was less crowed over in this corner of the club. He could remove them from there quite easily if need be. “To the cross, boy. Face it.”

“Yes, Master.” Taking his place at the cross, his sub studied the crowd. What a good little spy.

Nate strapped the boy’s arms in and whispered in his ear. “I want you to concentrate on me. Stop worrying about your surroundings for a moment. You’re no good to us if you look like you’re here to spy. Trust me and submit. Can you do that for me?”

The dark head bobbed once. “I trust you, Nate.”

“Good. Then concentrate on me.”

Again, the dark head bobbed. “Yes, Master.”

After strapping the boy’s ankles in, Nate stood back and studied the slim muscular body. His partner wore only a loose pair of pale blue, nearly see through, linen pants. From the front, if one looked hard enough, they could just make out the gold cock ring that matched the delicate chain collar. There were already faint marks across the pale back, put there before they arrived to make their cover more convincing. The firm round buttocks and thighs were tense. No doubt the boy was still worried, but that would end soon enough. A good session with the crop ought to put him at ease. Then Nate could concentrate on finding the double agent instead of his partner’s anxiety. Too bad he hadn’t brought a flogger: his preferred tool. But he’d work with what he had. He really hadn’t planned on playing, only looking the part. He only played with Aiden and in the privacy of their bedroom nowadays. He had no desire to do otherwise tonight, but if it would help his cover…

Without saying anything, Nate ran the tip of the crop down the pale back along the spine.

Muscles rippled and the boy took a deep shuttering breath and let it out. His lower body relaxed into a more natural stance. Good.

The first stroke gained Nate a flinch and a small indrawn breath.

“Not a sound, boy.”

“Yes, Master.” The reply came loud and clear, confident.

Nate smiled. He had no idea what the master thing was all about—his normal term of address was sir—but if it made his sub feel safer…so be it.

“Hawk?” A tall lanky man approached. A fellow IN sailor that frequented the club on the Ares space station. Nate used to go there quite a bit on leave, when he’d first taken over command of the Lady Anna. Back before he’d found Trouble. What was his name? Lt. Phebs? Lt. Phibbs? Lt. Phillips? He knew the man was an IN Lieutenant at least.

“Lieutenant.” Nate dipped his head in greeting.

“It’s Commander now.”


“Yes indeed, Admiral. Congrats to you too.” The commander hesitated a moment standing straight. His arm twitched as if he couldn’t decide whether to bring it up or not.

“Don’t even think about it.”

The commander smirked and relaxed. “Well, we never used to acknowledge it, but you weren’t an Admiral then.”

Phelps! That was the name. “Yes, well as in the past, we are both off duty, Phelps. What brings you here? Are you stationed near by?”

“On Kozic.” Phelps smiled and gazed past Nate. “Oh my. Very nice. Does your husband know you have such a delectable piece? I heard that you married. A prince wasn’t it? I see it hasn’t stopped your… um…pursuits.”

Nate rested a hand on his boy’s shoulder and ran it down his back.

Phelps walked around the cross. His appreciative gaze devoured Nate’s sub. “You still have exquisite tastes. What does your prince think of him?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea.” Nate ran his crop down the boy’s spine then swatted him on the arse. “And where is your sub, Phelps?”

“I’m between subs at the moment. Don’t suppose you’d share?”

“No.” Nate’s tone brooked no further inquiry.

Phelps frowned. “Pity. He really is quite beautiful. Is he as good as he looks?”

“You’re welcome to watch, Phelps.” Nate turned his attention back to his companion. He rained a series of slaps across one pale buttocks then the other.

The pale globes tensed and a shiver ran up the elegant back, but he didn’t make a sound.

Several more hits and the boy began to enjoy himself and forget about the people around them. Nate wished he could. He also wished he could get over the feeling of guilt. It felt like betrayal or infidelity or— oh bloody hell, he didn’t know what. He should’ve come alone.

Phelps walked around the cross and his gaze settled on the boy’s face. “Imploding planets he’s beautiful, Hawk. How long have you had him?”

“A few years. Shortly after I married.” Did that sound believable? He’d been married three years now. The vision of Aiden on their wedding night, with his blissful sighs and eager moans, stabbed into him. Nate groaned and pulled himself back into reality. He was here because of Aiden. Nate would do whatever it took to ensure Aiden’s and Regelence’s safety.

The pretty skin pinking up with every swat. Nate longed to strip the thin pants off and expose that firm little arse. Oh, what the hell. He dragged the linen down to mid thigh and peppered the round globes with stinging slaps. What a gorgeous arse. He used his hand the next time, feeling the heated skin under his palm. A moan escaped and he wasn’t sure whom it came from.

Glancing over the boy’s shoulder, Nate spotted someone that could be… No, it wasn’t. He continued to spank the pert bottom until his sub went lax against the cross. He gazed out over the crowd again before turning his attention to the young submissive in front of him.

Nate was fairly certain his boy was hard as a rock. Nate damned sure was. He moved to the side of the cross. Oh yes, the pretty ring encased cock was hard and red. “Don’t you dare come, boy.”

“No, sir, not without permission, Master, sir.” The voice was soft, not quite grounded in reality.

Adjusting his cock, Nate applied the crop again.

“Lovely, absolutely lovely. Doesn’t take much to send him flying does it?” Phelps asked

Nate flinched. Bloody hell, he’d gotten as caught up as his sub and forgotten where he was. Guilt swamped him again. “No, it doesn’t take much.” He tucked the crop into his waistband and ran a hand down his boys back, slowly bringing him back to reality. Running his knuckles down the side of his face, Nate encountered stubble. Not something he was used to but sexy all the same.

“Fuck me, sir? Please?” the boy muttered faintly.

It was like being splashed with a bucket of cold water. Nate pulled the thin linen pants over the weeping prick and started unbuckling the straps.

Phelps chuckled and patted Nate on the shoulder. “I’ll see you later, Hawk. Nice to see you again. I’m going to go find a playmate.” Phelps walked away.

“Nice to see you too. Have fun.” Nate answered. This was way too intimate. It felt wrong to be in this place. They had to get out of here. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He caught the slim body against him then swooped the boy into his arms. Glancing around the room, he ascertained no one was watching and headed toward the exit. He’d lost his mind. And he hadn’t seen a damned thing suspicious. He was going to have to come back another time or two…alone.

Nate made it out of the club and through the space station without incident. As he stepped into the transport elevator, a mouth pressed against his neck and a hand rubbing his jaw. They were alone in the transport elevator and it’d take several minutes to get to the Lady Anna.

Guilt apparently didn’t douse arousal because Nate was hard as a rock. “Stop it.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

Damn it. “No, not at all. It’s me. I’m sorry. That never should’ve happened. I shouldn’t have brought you and—”

“If you’re afraid of your prince finding out you don’t have to worry.” The voice was threaded with amusement and heavy with lust. “I won’t tell anyone…if you fuck me.”

Nate set the boy on his feet. “Blackmail?” He closed his eyes, dropped his head back against the wall and groaned.

A firm grip settled over his cock, then his pants were being opened. “Please, Master?”

“Boy, no one gave you permission to touc— Blood hell.” He opened his eyes and looked down. Full lips closed over the head of his cock. The dark stubble was such a contrast to the pale smooth skin his was used to seeing. His balls pulled tight. The damned things totally ignoring his distress.

The clever tongue flicked his cock piercing.

“Ah damn.” Even knowing he shouldn’t, Nate thrust into the expert little mouth and lost it. Everything but the pleasure left his mind. Grabbing a hand full of hair, Nate tilted the boy’s head back and fucked his mouth. It a matter of seconds he came, shoving hard into the tight throat and spilling.

Slim fingers put him back in his pants, giving a little tug on the Prince Albert.

Nate stared up at the ceiling. He was still in the fucking elevator. At least, it was the captain’s private transport and there was no video. He brushed the hands aside and fastened up his pants.

“Thank you, Master.”

“We’re out of the club. You can stop.”

“No, thank you, Sir. I’m not ready to stop.”

The door dinged open.

Fuck me. Grabbing his partner’s wrist, Nate hurried them to his cabin. Once there he locked the door and got naked. He pointed at the bed. “Strip and lay down, boy.”

His sub hurried to comply.

“So you won’t tell, huh?” Nate asked.

The boy caught his lip in his teeth, but couldn’t disguise the grin. He shook his head. “No, Master.”

Digging the lube out of the nightstand, Nate slicked up the pretty prick and took off the silver cock ring. Within seconds he was straddling the slim hips and sinking down on the hard shaft. “Oh fuck.” It had been awhile. It felt wonderful though.

A small whimper sounded below him.

“Hands over your head, boy. Don’t move.” He pinched one erect little nipple and was rewarded with a whine. “Don’t come until I give you permission.”

“No, sir. Not without permission.”

Nate moved then. He wasn’t hard any longer thanks to the blowjob in the elevator, but it still felt nice. He continued to ride his partner, watching the pleasure play across his face.

“Please, Master.”

The sadistic streak in Nate bled out into a chuckle. “Please, what?”

“Can I come, sir?”

“No.” Nate hurried his pace, fucking himself on his boy’s cock and pinched both his nipples.

The moans became whimpers. His sub’s hands clenched and unclenched, but he didn’t move them from where he’d been told to put them. Such an obedient little sub, even it he was a bit mouthy. When his head started thrashing back and forth, Nate decided to have mercy on him.


That was all it took. The pretty eyes widened and a harsh groan echoed through the room as wet heat filled Nate’s arse.

Nate closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was a bastard. A sorry lousy, no good… He shouldn’t have left Regelence. Flopping onto his back on the bed, he decided to let it go. What was done was done. He’d find another way to catch the traitor.



The bed rocked gently back and forth.

Without opening his eyes, Nate listened carefully.

There was a soft humming and there it was again. The bed moved and it was not due to being on the Lady Anna, it was the mattress that wiggled.

Nate patted the bed next to him. Empty. His big toe, however, touched skin. He groaned and reached for the nightstand on which his pocket watch lay. Cracking his eyes open was nearly impossible. They were gritty and heavy with sleep. It was way too bright in the room. Someone had turned on the lamp. And it didn’t take a genius to figure out who. Nate groaned. No way could he have been asleep for long. “Baby, you’re killing me.”

“Hmm…” came the noncommittal reply.

Nate pushed the button on his watch to open it and squinted just enough to read it. “We’ve only been in bed for an hour. Why are you up?” When no answer was forthcoming he nudged with his toe. “Sleep.”

The nudge gained him a grunt and a swat on the leg.

I knew there was another reason not to bring him on this mission besides his safety. 

“Minute. Almost done.” Nate’s calf was given and affectionate half hearted pat.

“What happen to, ‘oh yes master… Whatever pleases you master… Can I serve you master?’” Nate pulled the pillow over his head. 

A grunt was the only reply.

Nate smiled despite himself. Where the hell had his adoring, attentive, and obedient slave boy gone? And how come he was the only one tired? Not two hours ago his boy was on his knees begging to be fucked and now… “Aiden, I love you. You know that right?”


“But, you have five seconds before I bind your arse to the bed and gag you. And it won’t be for your pleasure.”

That did it. Aiden gasped and the bed bounced.

When nothing else happened Nate peeked out from beneath the pillow.

Aiden sat crossed legged, holding up a sketch screen with one ebony brow raised in challenge.

Nate raised a brow right back, but he wasn’t sure how affective it was given that he was still squinting. He glanced at the screen. It was a sketched of the two of them as they’d been earlier in the club. Nate held a crop in his hand mid swing. Aiden was strapped to the Saint Andrews cross with his face turned toward the viewer.

Nate sat up and stared at the screen in awe. Aiden captured the exact blissed out look Nate had seem him make thousands of times. Nate’s heart swelled. His cock even threatened to harden. “How did you manage that capture that look? How did you know what you look like with that expression?”

Aiden shrugged. “I drew what you made me feel.”

Words just wouldn’t come. And really what was there left to say anyway? Nate could’ve sworn his boy had long ago said and done everything he possibly could to surprise him, but he was wrong. Nate took the screen from his consort’s hand and laid it on the nightstand. He turned off the light. “I want a copy of that.”

Lying on his side, he pulled Aiden’s back to his chest, holding him tight. Not even he would try to convince anyone the tears in his eyes was due to fatigue.

“I drew it for you. I know you didn’t like taking me there, but I’m glad you did.”

“What if someone had recognized you?”

“They didn’t. And I don’t care if they did, as long as I was with you.”

Nate tightened his arms around his consort. “You better not be in a place like that without me.”

“Like I’d even want to.” Aiden snorted. “I just hate that we didn’t catch the slimy bastard.”

“I’ll find another way. I don’t want you in places like that.”

A hand moved over Nate’s cheek, playing with his beard. “I think we both know I enjoyed it.”

Grinning, Nate caught the roving fingers so he could kiss them. “Behave, brat.” Chuckling, Nate stifled a yawn.

“That’s it I’m telling your prince.” Aiden snuggled his arse into the cradle of Nate’s hips.

“Then I guess I’ll have to gag you and chain you to my bed because I can’t have my prince getting mad and leaving me.”

“Never. I love you, Nate.”

“Not nearly as much as I love you.”



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