Happy Valentine’s Day, Sir

A sea of colors danced below with an array of swishing skirts. It was mesmerizing but…weird. Funny how once Regelence balls awed him to see all the lords dancing together. Now, so many ladies dancing seemed foreign, even though he’d grown up in this environment. Nate swirled his scotch around the tumbler. Englor was nice, but no longer home. He missed Regelence.

“You think it’s wrong of us to be up here?”

Glancing over at his brother-in-law, who’d joined him on the balcony overlooking the palace ballroom, Nate shrugged. “Probably.”

Simon took a drink of his brandy and leaned back over the rail, resting his forearms against it. Focusing on something past the dance floor, he winced. “I feel slightly guilty.”

Nate followed his gaze and took a swig of his scotch.

In the corner of the room, Payton stood surrounded by a group of lords. Slowly, he inched himself backward out of the group, his head bobbing up and down as he agreed with whomever was speaking.

“You shouldn’t feel guilty. It’s one of the perks of being in charge. We get to make our own rules. We needed a break, so we took it.” Nate shrugged again and watched Trouble dance by with his father. Galaxy, don’t let him be pumping Dad for more of my juvenile exploits again. His dad had taken it upon himself to get to know Trouble better while they were all here for a few weeks. Oddly enough, the kid seemed to revel in the old man’s attention and was behaving himself for once. 

Simon rocked his drink back and forth on the rail absently. Squinting, he bobbed his head. “Is that Aiden making a break for it?”

“What?” Nate scanned the crowd.

“There.” Simon pointed to the far corner of Hollister Palace’s ballroom where the French door led to the formal garden.

Nate groaned. It was indeed his consort.

Aiden looked left and right, his hand already slipping into his evening coat, where there was no doubt a sketchscreen hidden.

“I guess the sketchscreen started screaming for his attention. I knew I should’ve patted him down before we left our room.”

“Oh, look Pay just got sprung. He now owes Bannon Thompson a favor.” Simon set his tumbler on the rail and straightened his Englor Marine dress uniform.

Aiden and Payton’s redheaded friend, who’d come to Englor with Nate and Aiden, tugged Payton away from the crowd he’d been trying to extricate himself from. Just as Payton and Bannon turned away completely from the group of lords, the Duchess of Kentwood rushed toward them in a flurry of blue muslin.

“Uh oh. Run, Pay.” Simon chuckled.

Nate laughed. “You shouldn’t encourage him. If he’s the one being antisocial then you can’t.”

“He can’t hear me.”

“Dunston tells him everything.”

Simon tried to frown but didn’t quite manage. “Damn. You’re right. I suppose I should go save him from Dru.”

“All good things must come to an end, I suppose.” Nate sighed. “We’ve probably been up here long enough.”

“Bite your tongue, Nate. We’ve spent way more time down there than we have up here.”

“Yes, well, I agree with your logic, but I’ve got to go lecture an artist about the hazards of leaving the safety of the ballroom.” One of these days his boy would learn…maybe. He’d told Aiden more than once to not leave without telling someone.

Nodding, Simon picked up his glass and held his hand out for Nate’s. “Good idea. I need to go check on Garrettt before I go rescue my consort.”

“Don’t you have a nanny for that?” Handing over his drink, Nate followed Si down the stairs.

“Yes, but—-”  Simon set the glasses on the tray of the footman standing at the top of the first landing. He shrugged. “You’ll see. Just wait until you have a son.”

“I have one. And trust me, if I could get a nanny to take care of him I would.”

Laughing, Simon nodded. “Yes, I imagine when Garrettt is Trouble’s age I’ll be wishing the same thing.” Simon paused, his foot hovering over the bottom step. “When are you and Aiden going to have a baby?”

Good galaxy, not Simon too. “Don’t start, I get enough of that from my father and Aiden’s parents.”

“Why do you think I’m asking? I’m getting tired of the daily televid calls inquiring how my son is and instructing me to hold him up in front of the screen.”

“Steven or Raleigh?” Nate grinned, imagining his fathers-in-law making pests of themselves.

“Both.” Dodging a group of peers in a circle, Simon stopped at the ballroom door and grinned at Nate. “Go find Aiden. If you want to call it a night, I’ll let your father know and help him keep an eye on Trouble and Bannon.”

With a crisp nod, Nate waded through the throng of people to collect his errant consort.

He found Aiden exactly where he knew he would. Sitting on a bench on the veranda with his dark head bent over the sketchscreen. Not surprisingly, Aiden never even looked up as Nate approached. “What are—”

“I knew you were there.” Aiden’s concentration never wavered from his sketch.

“Did you?”

“Yes.” Aiden nodded. “I’ve been waiting for you actually.” Lifting his stylus, he cocked his head to the side and studied his screen before nodding once. “This looks good.” He held it up showing off a lovely recreation of the snow covered fountain pools, the entrance to the hedge maze and the gazebo. “See? I have a ton of sketches of Hawthorne as well. I thought you might like to have them once we get back home.”

“You’re trying to distract me.” Nate arched a brow, trying for imposing. Aiden knew damned well how awed Nate was of his talent.

Aiden turned his screen off and tucked it back inside his evening coat. Blinking up at Nate, he grinned. “From what?”

“From lecturing you about drawing while you’re supposed to be inside dancing. Haven’t I told you over and over not to bring sketchscreens to balls and dinner parties?” And damned if Nate would admit it but that incessant need to draw was one of the things he loved about his consort. It worried Nate though. Aiden was usually oblivious to his surroundings when he got into his art.

Standing, Aiden brushed off the front of Nate’s dress whites and straightened his jacket. Aiden licked his lips and made an appreciative sound somewhere between a moan and a whimper that went right to Nate’s cock. The boy always had had a thing for his uniform. “Maybe a spanking would help me remember not to bring screens to social events.”

Oh fuck. Nate’s prick hardened completely at the suggestion. Was he serious? “I doubt that.”

“You never know. It might be worth a try.” Combing his fingers over Nate’s beard, Aiden kissed him and nestled his lean body against Nate. As the evidence of his arousal pressed against Nate’s thigh, he moaned against Nate’s mouth and traced the seam of Nate’s lips with his tongue. His free hand clutched at Nate’s chest.

Pulling back, Nate caught Aiden’s hand before it traveled inside his uniform jacket. He loved how eager his boy always was, but this wasn’t the ideal place for a tryst. “Are you ready to retire for the envening?”

Aiden nodded so vigorously it made his dark curls bounce.

“Very well, lets go to our room.” Looping his consort’s arm over his, Nate led them around the back of the palace, bypassing the ballroom.

As soon as they cleared the threshold of their guest room, Aiden’s cravat flew past Nate and onto the floor and Aiden proceeded to hop around, undressing at the speed of light. Someone was eager. Of course, he always was. It was adorable and flattering all at once. Closing the door, Nate chuckled and leaned against it. “In a hurry?”

Aiden froze with one stockinged foot in the air and a shoe in hand. A slow grin oozed onto his face, followed by a blush. “I could undress you first.”

“I think I can manage.” Still smiling, Nate unbuttoned the gold buttons on his jacket. If Aiden was this wired up, this was going to be a brief affair and Nate was really looking forward to taking his time. “Do we have anything to bind you with?” That should help…he hoped. Adjusting his cock, Nate sat in the chair closest to the door and began removing his shoes.

There was a whimper, followed by more shuffling. A charcoal gray waistcoat flew past Nate’s foot. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one who liked that idea.

Once his feet were bare, Nate glanced up.

Aiden grabed his disgarded cravat, holding it up. One elegant brow arched, and his face glowed with excitement.

Damn, what a sight. Biting back a moan, Nate nodded. “That will work.”

The smile Aiden gave him was downright wicked. Digging back into Nate’s space chest, Aiden pulled out a black suede flogger and a black plug.

This time Nate did moan as Aiden tossed the two items at Nate and climbed onto the bed. “Hurry. Please.” He fidgeted making his toned muscles flex and ripple nicely. The pretty cock standing at attention bounced and wagged back and forth.

Lovely. Nate’s stomach clenched and his prick jerked against his abdomen. He wanted to rip off the rest of his clothes and throw himself on his consort, but he wouldn’t. Slowly stripping off the rest of his clothes, Nate made his way to the bed. Feeling the heated air on his naked skin, he stood there for just a moment, building Aiden’s anticipation. “On your stomach. Hands behind your back.” Gathering the plug, he lubed it up with the dispenser on the nightstand. He turned and nearly swallowed his tongue.

Aiden had lifted onto his knees, putting his gorgeous arse in the air while keeping his chest pressed onto the mattress. He stared at Nate, his pretty gray eyes blinking mischeviously.

Crawling onto the bed, Nate gripped Aiden’s irresistible prick, teasing him from below and slid the plug across Aiden’s crease.

“Mmmm…” Aiden shivered, his back rippling, and reached for Nate’s cock.

“Hands behind your back.” If Aiden touched him… The thought almost made Nate moan. He squeezed Aiden’s erection and pressed the tip of the plug against Aiden’s hole, pushing it in just a bit.

Resting his hands, palms up, on his lower back, Aiden pressed back toward the plug. His cock throbbed in Nate’s hand. “Please…”

Closing his eyes, Nate took a deep breath. Galaxy, he loved that pleading voice. He should drag this out and fuck Aiden with the plug for a bit, but damn his own cock ached for relief. Opening his eyes, he pressed the plug steadily in, watching as the thick part of the toy stretched Aiden’s hole wide. “Fuck.”

Pushing back further, Aiden closed his eyes and nodded his head absently as the plug slid home.

Letting go of the plug and Aiden’s hard pulsing flesh, Nate swatted the pretty arse. “I didn’t move until I tell you, okay?”

Aiden let out a squeak, not expecting the swat, but otherwise didn’t move. Good boy. A pink palm print suffused the pale skin. Fuck him, that harsh black against that pale, pink-tinged skin was decadent.

Tearing his gaze away, Nate bound his consort’s hands behind his back, got off of the bed and picked up the flogger. He tested the weight of it in his hand. “Keep your arse in the air.”

“Yes, sir.” Aiden’s cock jerked, and a drop of clear fluid dripped onto the duvet.

“Good boy.” Nate’s chest tightened. His balls drew closer to his body. I love you.

After striking his hand, letting Aiden hear the slap of suede against skin, Nate set to work. The first few lashes garnered contented sighs. Nate grinned. He’d do just about anything for those sounds, but the soft steady pace wouldn’t mark up Aiden’s lovely skin with his stripes.  A few minutes more and a fine sheen of sweat covered both of them. Nate considered continuing, but he was so hard and aching and so was Aiden. Tossing the flogger aside, he ran his fingers through the dark hair, moving it off Aiden’s forehead. “Beautiful.”

Aiden’s eyes popped open, blinking several times before focusing on him.

“Up.” Taking Aiden under the arms, Nate helped him to his knees. He didn’t let go of Aiden until he stood on the floor in front of Nate.

Aiden’s chest rose and fell with shallow choppy breaths, and his skin glistened with perspiration. A trickle of sweat rolled down his temple and his expression was still a little glassy, far away.

Nate brushed a kiss across his lips. “Are you steady?”

“Yes, sir.” He craned his face towards Nate.

Grinning, Nate kissed him again. He trailed his fingers over the smooth cheekbone and down Aiden’s chin, lingering close in case Aiden’s balance was off. After a few seconds, secure in the fact that Aiden was steady on his feet, Nate stepped back. He sat in the chair near the window.

Moaning long and low, Aiden bent his knee. Before he could wobble, Nate grabbed Aiden’s waist, steadying him as he knelt. Once he was on the floor, Nate let go.

Rubbing his cheek along Nate’s thigh, Aiden leaned down and flicked the gold ring in Nate’s cock with his tongue.

Nate’s cock jerked. Galaxy, he was so close. He glanced out the window at the snow covered ground, trying to avert his attention and gain back some of his control. If he looked down at that beloved face…

Aiden’s mouth closed over him.

Oh damn that feels wonderful. Just one look at those swollen red lips wrapped around his prick, or the long back and arse would have him coming. Was the base of the black plug visible from this angle? Oh damn, thinking about it wasn’t much better than looking.

Aiden took him all the way to the back of his throat and a long drawn out moan vibrated against Nate’s cock, joining the sexy slurping noises.

Fuck. Who was he kidding? He couldn’t hold off the inevitable any longer. He didn’t want to. His boy had gotten damned good at that. He’d earned Nate’s orgasm as well as his own. Glancing down into languid gray eyes and hollowed out cheeks, Nate gripped Aiden’s shoulders. “Come up here, boy.”

Aiden let Nate’s prick slide out of his mouth.

Hooking his hands under Aiden’s arms Nate lifted, helping his consort to his feet. He was only a little wobbly, but Nate wasn’t taking any chances since Aiden’s hands were bound behind his back. 

When Aiden got to his feet, Nate leaned back enjoying the view.

Firelight gleamed off  sweat sliding from Aiden’s collarbone toward the rippled belly. The muscles in his chest and arms flexed and his hard cock pointed toward the ceiling, dribbling precum down the shaft.

Nate had the urge to lean forward and catch it on his tongue. “In my lap.”

Positioning his legs on each side of Nate’s, Aiden settled his heated arse onto Nate’s thighs. Their cocks touched, and Aiden hissed. Whether it was the feel of his recently flogged arse on Nate’s hairy thighs, or their cocks touching, Aiden’s belly tensed.

Nate untied the cravat, allowing Aiden’s hands their freedom.

Closing his eyes, Aiden rolled his shoulders, trying to get the stiffness out.

Nate frowned. Had he left Aiden bound too long? No. He didn’t think so, but he massaged Aiden’s shoulders anyway.

After shrugging his shoulders a few more times, Aiden leaned and nuzzled his cheek against Nate’s beard like a cat. Nate grinned. Aiden did that a lot.

Closing his eyes, Nate gripped Aiden’s cock and used his other hand to reach back and jostle the plug in Aiden’s arse. “What do you need to come, sweetheart?”

Aiden sat up, his eyes opening wide. His breath hitched, and he bucked into Nate’s hand. 

Resting his forehead against Aiden’s sweaty chest, he groaned and stroked Aiden’s cock. “Come for me, baby.” He whispered and kissed Aiden’s neck. Jostling the plug again, Nate sat back to watch and was rewarded with a gasp and a thrust into his hand.

Aiden came in a body-wracking shudder and semen shot onto Nate’s chest, his wrist and Aiden’s belly. A long ragged groan tore from his throat. “Ahhhh…” When he finally stopped quivering and the tension melted out of him. He opened his eyes and grinned. 

Nate let go of Aiden’s cock in favor of grabbing his own. He tugged on the plug again, not enough to dislodge it, but enough to remind Aiden it was there.

Squirming, Aiden gasped, his mouth formed an O.

If there was anything as lovely, Nate had yet to see it. His balls pulled impossibly tight. So close.

Aiden leaned forward with his face next to Nate’s. “So sexy.” He flicked the ring in Nate’s cock then tugged it. “Let me do it.” His hand covered Nate’s.

Nate let go, resting his arms on the arm rests, and let Aiden take over.

Stroking Nate’s cock, Aiden kissed his way down Nate’s neck. When he reached Nate’s shoulder, he squeezed Nate’s cock harder and bit down.

“Oh fuck.” Pain raced down Nate’s torso and coiled as pleasure in his groin. His back and neck tingled. The breath whooshed out of his lungs. Arching his back off the chair, he moaned and he came. His whole body melted as he gasped for air.

With sparkle of mischief in his gray eyes, Aiden peered down at him. “I love you,” he said a little too sweetly.

Nate reached back and pulled the plug out.

“Uhh…” Aiden’s eyes went wide as he fell onto Nate, mashing their combined spunk between their bodies.

Nate kissed his cheek. “I love you too.” Tossing the plug toward the washroom, Nate wrapped his arms around his consort.

Aiden mumbled against Nate’s neck. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Nate.”

“Sir,” he corrected with a grin. Sleep was already beginning to creep up on him. He should move them to the bed.

“It’s okay you don’t have to call me sir. Aiden will be fine.”

Nate chuckled, nestling his face into Aiden’s neck. “Behave.”

Aiden chuckled and squirmed closer, resting his head against Nate’s. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sir.”

With a contented sigh, Nate closed his eyes and reveled in the feel of Aiden in his arms. Perfect. He had the best piece of Regelence right here. “Happy Valentine’s, Sweetheart.”



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