J.L. Langley

With Love

With Love
With or Without  —  Book 2
Part of the following print anthology/collection: Hearts From The Ashes
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Genre(s): Paranormal
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Hearts from the Ashes

White knights don’t always come in human form.

All Devlin wants to do is find a good new home for his business and his pack. He’s not looking for any complications, but he finds something he never expected—a mate. A mate with a whole lot of energy who attracts trouble like a magnet.

Laine Campbell never means to get himself into hot water, but everything has a way of getting tangled up between his feet. He needs more than just a mate—he needs a savior.

When Dev turns up at a pack get-together, Laine finds both. The two werewolves have an instant attraction, but the pack Alpha is determined to keep Laine for himself. Dev soon learns the only way to protect his mate is to fight, not just for the top spot—but for his life.

Just one small problem. His accident-prone mate is determined to help him…