Attack of the Killer Dust Bunnies

A small hand in the middle of his forehead startled Aubrey awake. He blinked his eyes open. A pajama clad foot barely miss his nose as it swung over his head. The hand left his forehead and two clammy little palms landed on each side of his face. Here we go again.

Darren peered at him from inches away. “Bree, are ya awake?”

“I am now. What’s wrong?”

“We got scareded.”

The left side of the bed dipped, and Matt mumbled a sleepy, “Ow.”

Eddie’s werewolf doll came sailing onto the bed. “Darren, help me,” Eddie squeaked.

“Ow,” Matt said a tad bit louder and slightly more coherent.

Abandoning his conversation with Aubrey, Darren flopped across Matt’s stomach.

“Umph.” Rubbing his eyes, Matt sat up. “What the— Aw, come on guys. What are—”

“Breeeee…” Darren started kicking his feet, which were rapidly disappearing toward the other side of Matt.

“Ah, shit.” Aubrey snagged one of Darren’s ankles. “Grab Eddie, Sugar.”


“Help. I’m falling, Matthew.” Eddie whined from the other side of the bed somewhere.

“I’m losing him. Oh my God, he’s gonna fall to his deaf!” Darren squealed.

“Got ‘em.” Matt grumbled.

As Matt hauled Eddie up onto the bed, Aubrey reeled his little brother-in-law back in.

Darren sat cross legged between Aubrey and Matt. “There was a monster under the bed in the guess room.”

Nodding his agreement, Eddie wiggled himself on to Matt’s chest and grabbed his doll. “It had big teeth.”

Matt groaned dramatically, rolled his eyes and pulled the covers over Eddie and himself. “Last night it was a bear. The night before it was a demon and the night before that—”

“It was a Chupacabra,” Aubrey supplied. That one had really tickled him. He almost hoped it would be the Chupacabra again tonight just so he could hear Eddie try to pronounce it.

Yawning, Darren crawled under the covers. “Don’t forget the imbombendable snowman. I think he might be friends with the monster.”

Aubrey snuggled the kid closer. The way Darren said abominable was pretty cute too.

“Do you think the bear is under the bed with the monster?” Eddie wanted to know.

“Or maybe he’s in the closet.” Darren gasped, “Oh no. What if the bear eats my shoes?”

“Do you think he’ll eat my shoes too?” Eddie’s brow furrowed in concern under the riot of dark curls.

“If he does, we’ll buy you both new shoes.” Grinning, Aubrey met his mate’s amused gaze. “We seem to have monster problem here at Reynolds Hall.”

“Mmm… We need to exterminate.” Matt’s lip twitched and grabbed Aubrey’s hand.

Aubrey squeezed it. “Apparently.”

“Omigosh.” Eddie bolted upright, straddling Matt. He grabbed Matt’s face in his hands. “Matthew, what if there is a monster under this bed?”

“Omigod.” Darren pulled the covers over his head.

Matt’s lips twitched, but he didn’t smile. He pulled his brother back down, grabbed the doll that rolled away from them, gave it back to Eddie and patted his back. “Go to sleep. There are no monsters under this bed.”

“How do you know? There might be.” Darren whispered from under the covers.

“I’ll look.” Aubrey rolled over and looked over the edge of the bed.

“Aubrey,” Matt sighed, “don’t encourage them.”

A little hand landed on Aubrey’s back. “Well? You see anything?”

He raised up and bumped heads with Darren. “Nope. No monsters, just a few dust bunnies. Now lay down and go to sleep. No more out of you two.” He picked Darren up, who was rubbing his forehead, and set him on the other side of Matt. “Move over here, sugar.” Aubrey patted the bed next to him.

Turning on his side, Matt slid over so they could spoon. He then snuggled Eddie, Eddie’s doll and Darren against him. “Much better.” He turned his head and gave Aubrey a kiss.

It should’ve been a quick good night kiss, but Aubrey couldn’t seem to help himself. He raised up, cupped his mate’s jaw and deepened the kiss. There was just something about the way Matt handled his brothers with such ease. It was sexy as hell. Aubrey wanted him…bad. Then again maybe he wanted his mate so badly because since Darren and Eddie had come home with them, he and Matt hadn’t had five minutes by themselves?

Matt rolled onto his back, looping his arms around Aubrey’s neck.

Oh yeah, maybe after the kids fell asleep they could sneak into the bathroom or something.

Pulling back, Matt touched his cheek and grinned. “Do you regret bringing them with us yet?”

“Naw.” He wasn’t used to little kids, but he adored these two. It was good practice. He and Matt were in agreement that they were going to have at least one kid. They still hadn’t decided whether to adopt or use a surrogate, but they had a few years to figure that out. They had at least until Matt was out of college.

“I’m going to remind you of that after another week without, um, alone time.” Matt kissed him again.

Willing his cock to behave, Aubrey traced Matt’s lips with his finger. “Do you think they’re asleep yet?”

“No. Why?”

Aubrey pointed to the bathroom door.

Matt’s eyes widened, and a seductive little grin lit his face. “Give it another ten minutes.”

Oh man. Closing his eyes, Aubrey rested his forehead against Matt’s. He took a deep breath. Oh Matt smelled so good. And the warm breath against Aubrey’s face was intoxicating. Every place he and Matt touched, foreheads, hips, Matt’s arms around his neck, tingled in anticipation. Ten minutes was a very long time.

Turning his head to the left, Matt jarred Aubrey and forced him to lift his own head. Matt’s brows drew together, and he stared off in space for a few seconds. He nudged Aubrey’s shoulder, put his finger to his lips and pointed toward the bathroom.

It hadn’t been ten minutes, but Aubrey wasn’t about to point that out. Grabbing Matt’s hand, he eased out of bed.

They crept to the bathroom. It looked like they’d made a clean getaway. That was one thing he’d learned about his two youngest brothers-in-law, if you could get them quiet and still for a couple of minutes, they’d fall right to sleep.

As Matt’s arms wrapped around him from behind, Aubrey closed and locked the door.

Matt kissed the back of his neck as his hands shoved down the front of Aubrey’s pajama bottoms. “Turn around.”

No sooner than he turned, Matt dropped to his knees and engulfed Aubrey’s prick in his mouth.

Leaning back against the door, Aubrey closed his eyes. His hands drifted to Matt’s head and tangled in his thick black hair. “Oh good gawd, you’ve gotten good at that.” Geez, it was amazing how desperate a person got after abstaining for several days.

The warm suction and wet slurping sounds had him on edge within minutes. But he wanted Matt to enjoy this too because he had no idea how much time they had. The kids could wake up at any minute. Grabbing Matt under the arms, Aubrey urged him up.

When Matt was on his feet, Aubrey wasted no time getting his pants out of the way. He gripped his mate’s cock, stroking. Matt did the same as their mouths met. They clung to each other kissing and nipping.

Sweat dripped down Aubrey’s temples as they clawed at each other like a couple of wild animals. His whole body was hot and sensitized. His teeth lengthened as his balls drew up. They were going to have bruises and bite marks in the morning, but he didn’t care.

Matt pulled back, holding his gaze. His eyes were canine and his teeth as extended as Aubrey’s own. He panted against Aubrey’s cheek. “Oh yeah.” Matt went up on tiptoe and arched. Heat poured over Aubrey’s fingers.

The scent of his mate’s come and the whispered, “oh yeah,” was too much. The savage hunger and the furious stroke of Matt’s hand sent Aubrey headlong into orgasm. He bit his bottom lip to keep from crying out.

They sagged against each other dripping with sweat and come. Aubrey slid down the door, taking Matt with him. They ended up sprawled next to each other, their shoulders and hips touching. He felt for Matt’s hand, because he was to sated too open his eyes.

Squeezing his hand, Matt rested his head on Aubrey’s shoulder. “Wow. That was…”


Matt nodded. “Yeah.” After a few moments, he slumped further and a soft snore tickled Aubrey’s ear.

Aubrey had just reached that dazed place before deep sleep when someone knocked on the door.


Aubrey’s shoulder shook with silent laughter, and he rested his head back against the door. “What Darren?”

“Do dust bunnies bite?”



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