A Sterling New Year

“Three, two, one…. Happy New Year!”

Yawning, Rhys ignored the TV, collected his beer off the coffee table and took a swig. Maybe he should’ve taken Jake and Remi up on their invitation to go hang out at Hell’s Kitchen. He’d thought about it, but decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. Working over seventy hours this past week had taken it’s toll, and he wasn’t up to dealing with a crowd of people tonight. Maybe he should’ve invited Sterling over to watch movies and eat pizza. Ah well, what was done was done. Sterling was likely out with his friends anyway. Rhys held up his bottle and tipped his head at the TV. “Happy New Year.”

Finishing his beer, he turned off the TV and went to the kitchen. That big California King sized bed was calling his name. Maybe he’d even start a fire in the big adobe fireplace in his bedroom. He tossed the bottle, turned off the kitchen light, checked the front door and headed to his room.

A car door slammed outside. It sounded close.

He paused in the hallway, turning back toward the front door. Who the fuck was that? He sniffed. Booze, a female, a wolf…no, not just any wolf. Sterling and, Gadget’s boy, Logan. What the heck? Rhys hurried back down the hall and opened the front door.

A pretty redheaded girl blushed and gave him an awkward smile. “Hi. Um, we brought Sterling.”

Sterling and Logan stood slightly behind the girl with their arms looped over each others shoulders. It was hard to tell who was holding who up. They both wobbled and reeked of liquor. Behind them, a white SUV idled at the curb with three other teens—two boys and a girl—inside.

Suddenly, Logan seemed to notice Rhys was there. He grinned and did a little finger wave. “Hey, Rhys. Um, Sterling sort of, well it’s probably best if he doesn’t go home like this. Can he stay here?”

Sterling grinned, staggered away from Logan and stepped right up to Rhys. Wrapping his hands around Rhys’ waist, Sterling buried his face in Rhys’ shoulder without a word.

Out of instinct, Rhys wrapped an arm around him.

Logan wobbled, and the girl reached out to steady him. She looked up at Rhys. “Sorry about this. Logan said you were a,” she glanced at Sterling plastered again Rhys’ chest and her eyes widened a little, “friend. I couldn’t let Sterling drive, so I brought him here.” She held out a set of keys with a football key ring. Sterling’s.

Rhys’ chest tightening just a bit as he took the keys. He glanced at the driveway. Sterling’s Jeep was parked in front of the garage door.

“I figured Remi and Jake would strangle him if I took him home like this, so I brought him to you.” Logan put his arm around the redhead’s waist and kissed the top of her head. “Come on, Krista. Let’s go back to the party.”

Krista waved to Rhys. “Sorry. Bye Sterling.”

Sterling grunted, let go of Rhys and staggered into the house.

As Logan started toward the SUV, Rhys caught the back of his shirt. “You aren’t going anywhere.”

“Wha—” Logan turned, freeing himself from Rhys’ grip, and his mouth hung open. “But—”

“Not another word. Get your ass in the house.” Rhys stepped aside.

Logan’s shoulders slumped, but he didn’t argue. He kissed Krista goodbye and stomped into the house.

Rhys raised a brow at the teenage girl and took another sniff. Now that the two drunks were away from her, he didn’t smell any alcohol on her. “Are they—” he tipped his head toward the SUV, “drunk too?”

She shook her head and swallowed hard. “Brett isn’t. He’s driving. Shelly and Danny have had one or two.”

Satisfied, Rhys nodded. “Don’t let the other two behind—” something crashed and Sterling yelped— “the wheel.”

Logan’s laughter rang out behind Rhys.

“Fuck you,” Sterling shouted.

Logan laughed harder.

Rhys’ attention never wavered from Krista.

She nodded. “Okay.” She waved, turned and ran off toward the SUV.

“Bye, Krista.” Logan shouted.

Rhys shut the door with his jaw clenching. This irresponsibility wasn’t like Sterling. It wasn’t like Logan either for that matter. The two were together more often than not and generally kept each other out of trouble.

Sterling lay sprawled on the floor in front of the hallway. His button up black shirt was unbuttoned halfway down his chest and half untucked from his jeans. He looked delicious.

Still cackling, Logan lay beside Sterling. He too looked ruffled, with his undershirt hanging out below his sweater, or maybe that was the style nowadays.

“Logan. Guest room. Sleep it off.” Rhys stepped forward to get Sterling up. His tangy scent reached Rhys over the alcohol. Rhys’ eyes shifted, and his cock hardened. Fuck. He did not need his damned body overreacting now. “Sterling are you—”

Logan stood up immediately. “But I’m not tired.”

Rhys raised a brow and narrowed his eyes. Don’t even think about it, pup.

“Goodnight, Rhys. Night, Sterling.” Logan hightailed it down to the hall to the guest bedroom.

Smart kid. Rhys blinked his eyes back to normal and reached down toward Sterling. “Sterling, are you okay?”

“Yeah. I was taking Logan to the guest room, and he made me run into the wall.” He didn’t sound drunk. “Thanks. I knew you’d make Logan stay.” Catching his hand, Sterling sucked in a breath and gasped. His eyes shifted, his fangs dropped and arousal filled the air. He wobbled to his feet, depending on Rhys’ hand to leverage himself up. He wrapped his arms around Rhys’ neck.

Studying Sterling’s face, Rhys caught his waist. Sterling’d had some alcohol from the smell of his breath, but he was sober. “What’s going on?”

“Oh god. You smell so…” Sterling sniffed and closed his eyes. “Mmm…” Surging forward, he pressed his face into Rhys’ neck and nuzzled. His erection pressed against Rhys’ hip and Sterling rocked back and forth.

Rhys bit back a moan, unwound Sterling’s hands from his shoulders and turned him toward the master suite. “Cut it out.” He nudged Sterling in the back. “Bedroom. Now.”

Grinning over his shoulder, Sterling swaggered toward Rhys’ room. “Okay.”

Rhys shut the door. “Now, what’s going on?”

“That party was minutes away from being busted.” Sitting on the edge of the bed, Sterling unbuttoned his shirt. “I bet it’s swarming with cops right now.”


“And Logan didn’t want to go. I knew he’d go if I was too drunk to stand up, sooo…” Shrugging, he peeled the black shirt off his shoulders, revealing his tanned, sinewy chest. “I played drunk, and I told him you’d kill him if something happened to me. So, he got Krista to bring us here.”

That’s my boy. Leaning against the door, Rhys grinned and tried to ignore the way the Sterling’s arm and chest muscles rippled as he stood and unbuttoned his jeans.

Sterling noticed him looking and flexed a little and added a wiggle to get his jeans off. Brat. “Dang it.” He flopped back onto the bed with his pants around his thighs and his erection straining the black cotton of his boxer briefs. He reached for his boots.

Rhys looked away. He was already hard as a damned rock, and he knew Sterling well enough to know the kid was going to try his damnedest to get Rhys to fuck him. That was not happening, so he grabbed the phone off his nightstand and dialed Jake’s cellphone. While the phone rang, he lit a fire in the fireplace to the right of his bed.

The ringing ceased only to be replace with loud music and Jake’s garbled, “‘lo?”


“You sure you don’t want to come down here? The whole gang’s here. The night is still young,” Jake shouted over the loud sounds of the bar.

Leaning on the mantle, Rhys stared into the glowing fire. “No, listen, is Gadget with you?”


“Well, tell him that Logan is here with me. I’ve got Sterling too. They’re spending the night.” Rustling came from the bed followed by a thump. Probably one of Sterling’s boots.

“Little shits are drunk, aren’t they?” Jake growled into the phone. “If Sterling is driving—”

“He didn’t. Logan’s girlfriend drove them here in Sterling’s Jeep. She was sober. Actually, so is Sterling. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.”

“All right. I’ll tell Gadget. See you tomorrow.”


“Happy New Year, buddy. Later.” Jake hung up.

There was another thud and more rustling. The bed springs bounced.

Hanging up the phone, Rhys turned and tossed it back on his nightstand.

Sterling lay on Rhys’ side of the bed, propped up on his elbow, watching Rhys with a big fanged grin. His short dark hair was tousled, and his big brown eyes were wolf eyes. It gave him an otherworldly beauty. He was lovely.

The red Southwestern patterned comforter and beige sheets were around his hips, leaving his impressive torso bare. The fire cast a warm glow over his already golden skin. Goddamn, he’d grown into a gorgeous man. He may not be as bulky as Rhys, but he was certainly more defined.

Rhys’ cock twitched in appreciation of the mouthwatering dark trail of hair below Sterling’s navel. Fuck me. Rhys closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. Tonight was going to be a test in willpower. “Scoot over. You’re on my side of the bed.”

Sterling sighed, moved over and flopped onto his back. “You want me. Don’t deny it.”

“I never deny it, but it’s not happening.” Rhys sat on the edge of the bed, facing away from Sterling, and pulled his socks off.

There was some rustling then a warm hand snaked up the back of Rhys’ shirt, caressing his back. “Your scent is driving me crazy. I can’t get my eyes to change back.”

Only experience kept Rhys’ eyes and teeth normal. He wasn’t so sure they’d stay that way though. Sterling was getting harder and harder to resist. The only time they’d slept this close was in wolf form. On the nights of the full moon they nearly always ended up curled together after hunting. Which was always so nice and peaceful until they woke naked in human form. Shit. Rhys shook his head to clear it. “Go to sleep.”

Standing, he stripped off his sweat pants and t-shirt. He left his boxers on and crawled under the covers.

Sterling slid closer, flinging his leg over Rhys’. He nuzzled his face into Rhys’ neck, and his hand roamed to Rhys’ beard. “Still think this is cool. Wish I could grow one.” Sterling’s thigh inched onto his hard cock and his tongue darted out licking up Rhys’ neck.

Rhys hissed out a breath. The hard ridge against his side was not covered by underwear. “Sterling…”

Releasing Rhys’ jaw, Sterling bucked and his hard prick mashed against Rhys’ side. His hand wormed its way under his leg and gripped Rhys’ cock through his boxers.

Fuck. Rhys took a deep breath and wished he hadn’t. The scent of Sterling’s arousal made his fangs explode through his gums. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He shoved Sterling away. “Get on your side of the bed, and go to sleep.”

Sterling growled at him. After a few minutes, he rolled onto his back. “Fine.”

Why did he sound so smug? Rhys didn’t care. Sterling had stopped, and that’s all that mattered.

For several minutes they lay there in silence, and Rhys began to hope Sterling would fall asleep. Sterling slept like the dead. Once he was asleep, Rhys would be able to doze off and not worry about being molested. He could get through this. His teeth were even now shrinking back.

The bed swayed. The smell of lust increased.

Rhys rolled onto his side, facing the fire.

The bed moved again, and Sterling moaned.

He knew better than to look, he did, but he couldn’t help himself. Rhys rolled over, knowing exactly what he’d find and already regretting the need to see anyway.

The covers were pulled back and Sterling’s hand firmly gripped his prick, stroking.

Oh fuck! Rhys sat up with his attention glued to Sterling’s hand. He should make Sterling stop. Pushing himself up to lean against the headboard, Rhys grabbed Sterling’s arms and pulled.

Sterling let go of his cock and straddled Rhys’ thighs. Immediately, he reached for Rhys’ prick and pressed their lips together.

Damn, Sterling was just so warm and sexy and… Rhys caught Sterling’s hand, removing it from his dick. But he didn’t even try to fight the kiss. He just opened up and let Sterling in.

Grabbing Rhys’ jaw with both hands, Sterling moaned into his mouth and scooted up until his cock rested against Rhys’ bare stomach. And damn wasn’t that nice. It would take nothing for Rhys to just take that pretty prick into his own hands, but he’d promised himself he’d keep his hands off Sterling. Hell, he’d already relaxed his rules enough to kiss Sterling properly. He wasn’t doing more no matter how badly Sterling pushed.

Sweet little grunting noises poured from Sterling as he thrust against Rhys’ stomach. His tongue was all over the place, against Rhys’ tongue, on his teeth, tracing his lips. Finally, Sterling pulled back with his eyes heavy-lidded and pleaded, “Please. Touch me, please.”

Groaning, Rhys shook his head. “No. Touch yourself, babe. Let me watch.”


He stuck his finger to Sterling’s lips. “Turn around and lean back on me.”

For a moment, Sterling looked like he would argue. But then he rose up on his knees and waited for Rhys to get situated. When Rhys pushed the covers out of the way, Sterling grabbed him again. “I want this.”

Rhys’ cock jerked into Sterling’s touch. Rhys closed his eyes and prayed for patience. His whole body trembled, wanting nothing more than to press his gorgeous, vivacious mate into the mattress and make love to him.

“I’m not a kid, damn it. Don’t tell me you are still stuck on this, ‘wait until Sterling is out of school,’ shit.” Sterling squeezed Rhys’ cock and leaned forward and licked his lips. “Please…”

Shaking his head, Rhys pulled Sterling until he was in between his outspread legs with his naked back against Rhys’ bare chest. Please don’t argue with me. He just didn’t know how he’d stick to his guns if Sterling forced the issue, because god knew Rhys’ body was convinced that Sterling knew best at this point. As it was, Rhys’ balls were going to ache like a son of a bitch.

Rocking side to side, Sterling pressed his back into Rhys’ erection.

Fuck. Rhys moaned. He was definitely going to have to go to the bathroom and jerk off once Sterling was asleep. Hissing out a breath at the amazing feel of Sterling’s back against him, he wrapped his arm around Sterling’s chest. “Touch yourself.”

Without hesitation, Sterling nodded and grabbed his prick. “I wish you’d let me touch you.”

“Not now. Just do this. Please. Let me watch.” He kissed Sterling’s shoulder.

“Mmm…” Sterling squeezed the long, tan prick. He dropped his head back on Rhys’ shoulder and started stroking, slow and easy at first. By the time he’d set up a steady rhythm, he was nuzzling Rhys’ neck and licking his throat.

It was tempting to close his eyes and lose himself in the sensations Sterling’s mouth was producing, but Rhys didn’t. He didn’t take his eyes off that quick hand and head peeking out of it. He didn’t want to miss this. Sterling was so fucking beautiful with his long lean body and dark smooth skin. Rhys dragged his fingers across the muscled abdomen down the trail of black hair below his navel.

Sterling moved his hand faster, and the smell of his arousal increased. Fangs dug into Rhys’ neck, pinching but not drawing blood. Sterling tensed. His stomach and thigh muscles twitched. “Rhys. Gonna…”

“Yeah.” Rhys turned his head stealing a quick kiss. His cock jerked against Sterling’s back. He swiped his tongue across Sterling’s lips and one fang.

Sterling arched, and a ragged groan tore from his lips.

Rhys turned his head back, watching as his mate came. Thick strings of white covered Sterling’s hand, his stomach and even the back of Rhys’ wrist where it rested on Sterling’s abs. He panted in between moans.

Fucking beautiful. Rhys’ prick throbbed, his balls drawing tight.

Finally, Sterling released his cock, and his body relaxed, melting against Rhys. He turned his face and kissed Rhys’ chin. His arms wrapped around Rhys’ arm where it rested on Sterling’s chest.

Rhys should get a rag and clean Sterling up. Hell, he should grab his own prick and give it a few tugs. That’s all it would take, but he didn’t want to move. Nothing seemed urgent enough to make him relinquish the debauched angel in his arms. Hugging his mate harder, Rhys grinned and kissed Sterling’s temple. God help me, I’m never going to make it until he’s out of school.         



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