A Regelence Christmas

He shut the door, cutting off a loud wail, and debated with himself for the hundredth time in the last hour. The Christmas presents weren’t going to buy themselves, yet he couldn’t quite make his hand ungrip the doorknob. I’m a coward. The manly thing to do would be to ignore the possibility of utter destruction inside and go— he winced at a particularly loud crash from behind the closed front door.

Why had he wanted more than two? Oh yes, he’d wanted Rexley and Payton to have more playmates. Instead he’d given Rexley more self-inflicted responsibility and Payton more partners in crime. Raleigh huddled deeper into his great coat wondering if he should go back in for a scarf.

“Raleigh!” Steven stuck his head out of the lift, and nearly knocked off his beaver hat. “Let’s go. They’ll be fine.”

“They’re going to destroy the entire castle.” And possibly one another.

“Then let them. We’ll have another one built. It’s time to go.” Steven practically whined the last word and disappeared back inside the lift.

Letting go of the doorknob, Raleigh prayed to whatever deity would listen. “Please just don’t let the kill each other.” Pains in the arses they may be, but he loved them.

A muffled feminine screech rent the air followed by Rexley’s exasperated admonishment of “Muffin…”

Raleigh added to his prayer, “And don’t let them drive poor Rexley insane.” He started down the steps toward the lift.

The front door flew open banging against the wall.

“Have fun shopping, Cony.” Tarren ran past Raleigh, down the front steps and into the snow with no coat no less.

Raleigh opened his mouth to hail his youngest, but something smacked into his shoulder and knocked him off balance.

“Oh! I say, sorry, Cony.” Colton stopped, steading Raleigh. He was nearly as tall as Raleigh now. “Thought you and Father had already left.”

“Not yet. What’re you—”

“Got to go, Cony. Have fun shopping.” Colton bolted down the steps out into the snow, also without a coat, after his younger brother. “You’re a dead man, Tarren.”

Steven stuck his head out of the lift again; this time he did knock his hat off. He watched the boys, now wrestling in the snow, and shook his head. Chuckling, he turned his gaze back to Raleigh. “They’ll be fine. Rexley, Christy and Thomas can handle it until Nate and Aiden get back.”


“Pick up my hat, will you?” Steven’s dark head disappeared out of view once more.

Groaning, Raleigh stooped down and grabbed his spouse’s hat. He climbed into the lift and handed it to Steven as he sat down next to him.

“Close lift door and continue to our destination.” Steven said to the lift computer, and patted Raleigh’s thigh. Grabbing him by the chin, Steven pulled him close and kissed his frown.

Raleigh tried to relax but…

Steven let out a long suffering sigh. “And send a message to Jeffers to make certain someone brings Tarren and Colton in out of the cold before they get frostbite.”

“Yes, your Majesty.” The lift door closed and it began moving…in the wrong direction.

Steven slid closer, his leg nestling up against Raleigh’s, as he tossed his top hat on the bench opposite them. He slid  a hand up Raleigh’s thigh and fumbled with his coat. His hot breath teased Raleigh’s ear. “Bloody hell, Raleigh. How many layers of clothes do you have on?”

“We’re going the wrong way. Classige is west of us, not east. I thought we were going shopping.”

Steven finally managed to get his hand under Raleigh’s coat. “We are, but we’re making a stop first.”


Steven pulled at the placket of Raleigh’s trousers, unhooking it, as his tongue swept into Raleigh’s ear.

Willing his errant prick to stop getting hard, Raleigh closed his eyes. Galaxy, he hated not being in control of everything. He should’ve never allowed Steven to plan this outing. There was no time to fool around. “Steven, if we’re going to get all the…” A warm hand pushed his small clothes out of the way and gripped his cock, squeezing it into a full blown erection. Goose bumps rose up on his skin from the wicked tongue teasing him.

Steven licked along the shell of his ear before nipping the lobe. “Mmm… That’s my Cony. Body is willing, but your mind is still ticking away at what all we have to accomplish.” His voice was low and seductive. His hot breath fanned across where his tongue had been seconds ago, making it cool.

Raleigh shivered, trying to fight his body’s reaction. They had several presents to get.

Steven’s hand slid up his cock and back down as his other hand tugged at Raleigh’s cravat.

Rallying one last effort, Raleigh put his hand over his consort’s, trying to stop the continuous caress. “We’ve got so much to…”

The cravat came loose and Steven sank his teeth into Raleigh’s neck.

Raleigh was a goner. Resisting Steven had never been one of his strong points and he was smart enough to know when he was beat. Thrusting up into Steven’s hand, Raleigh reached for Steven’s coat.

Chuckling, Steven kissed down his neck. “That’s more like it.” When he got as far as Raleigh’s shirt would allow him he growled.

“I still say we don’t have time for this.” Of course, Raleigh no longer cared. He released Steven long enough to get his great coat and waist coat off.

Steven didn’t let go of his cock. He continued to stroke, at a firm and steady pace, driving Raleigh out of his mind.

As soon as Raleigh’s outer wear was disposed of, he went back to his consort’s coat, trying to get it out of his way. The lift was a little chilly. His nipples peeked and the hair on his arms raised, but Steven was warming him up fast.

Finally, Raleigh managed to work loose one of the buttons of the soft brocade waistcoat. “And you accuse me of wearing too much.” Oh yes, nice soft cotton and— if he pushed his hand inside—skin. Running his hands over Steven’s wide shoulders and hairy, sculpted chest never got old.

Steven merely grunted and pulled Raleigh into his lap.

Having been tugged by the prick, Raleigh had no choice but to stop fumbling with Steven’s clothing and straddle his thighs. Galaxy, he loved it when Steven was beyond speech. Those little grunts and groans were like music to Raleigh’s ears. Raleigh lowered his head, capturing Steven’s lips as Steven jerked his lawn shirt down his arms.

Buttons flew all over the lift, pinging off the walls, but Raleigh shut down the part of his brain that asked what he was going to wear while they were out shopping later. At the moment, he really didn’t care.

Sighing into Raleigh’s mouth, Steven ripped his own shirt open. He pulled Raleigh close, mashing their skin together.

Mmm, he was no longer cold. The hair on Steven’s chest tickled, making his nipples even harder. He moved his hips a little reminding Steven his cock was out and quite ready to play with.

“Ahh…” Steven took over the kiss, thrusting his tongue inside Raleigh’s mouth. He fed from Raleigh’s mouth, tracing his teeth and nipping at his lips. Grabbing Raleigh’s cock in one hand and his arse in the other, Steven leaned back studying the skin he’d revealed. “So bloody beautiful, Raleigh.”  He kissed his way down Raleigh’s neck.

Raleigh let his head fall back, pushing his hips up. The firm tug on his cock wrung a moan from him. Bloody hell, it had been days since they’d had time to themselves without interruptions. The last few days had been filled with their normal duties plus all the Christmas planning. At night, they’d fallen into bed exhausted.

“We’re here.” Steven mumbled against Raleigh’s throat.

What? Raleigh raised his head. The lift had stopped. “Where are we?” He’d thought they were merely going to indulge themselves on the way to town.

Steven nipped his jaw, then let go of his prick. “You’ll see. Put your coat on and gather you clothes.” He tapped Raleigh’s hip. “Come on.”

“I can’t get out of the lift in nothing but a coat and my trousers.” Raleigh slid off Steven’s lap,  tucked himself back in his trousers and buttoned them up. He reached for his shirt, but Steven leaned forward and caught his wrist.

“Leave it, just get your coat. We’re not going far, there’s no one else around and I’ve made certain there’d be a fire going inside.”

Raleigh frowned and his erection dwindled. He really did not want to get out of the vehicle nearly naked. Forget the scandal, what if someone attacked them?

“Raleigh.” Steven pulled his own coat closed and grabbed Raleigh’s chin, forcing him to look at him. “Trust me.”

He did trust Steven, more than anyone in the galaxy, but it was his job to protect Steven. He reached down toward his boot, for the knife hidden there.

Steven chuckled. “You won’t need that either.”

Groaning, Raleigh stood and decided to trust his spouse. Besides, he was nearly as lethal without a weapon. He put on his coat and buttoned it up while Steven gathered the rest of his clothing. “Steven where are we?”

“You’ll see.” Steven looked him over with a fond smile on his face. “Open lift and extend steps.”

The door opened.

Silence. There was no electrical hum, no children running amuck. A feeling of peace washed over him, followed quickly by caution.

The glare of moonlight reflected off the snow. It was beautiful. Blue and silvery, the little crystals of ice shimmered on the ground below. No footprints marred the blanket of white. Where are we? It was like a winter wonderland with trees and… Raleigh sniffed. Chimney smoke.

Steven climbed down the lift steps and out into the snow before Raleigh could insist on going first.

“Stev—” Hurrying after Steven, Raleigh stopped dead in his tracks.

Steven stood just outside the lift, Raleigh’s clothes gathered in his arms, smiling and staring at something to their right. A background of snow-dusted trees set off his silhouette. Moonlight highlighted the silver at his temples.

Raleigh turned his head. “Oh.” Raleigh took a step forward, his boots crunching on the snow. They were on the very east side of their property, approximately three miles from the castle.

The log hunting cabin sat in a clearing of tall pine trees. A billow of dark smoke rose from the stone chimney.

Raleigh’s chest tightened and his knees grew weak. He hadn’t been here in some time. It looked exactly the same as it had the night of their nuptials.

“Come on, Cony. There’s a warm bed waiting inside.” The snow crunched as Steven made his way to the cabin.

Raleigh smiled. The memories came back to him, and his prick hardened again almost immediately. This was the first place he and Steven had made love. He’d stormed out of the castle on his wedding night, after the plug tradition, daring anyone to follow him. Steven had knocked on the door, not fifteen minutes after Raleigh had arrived, cursing the cold. They’d warmed one another up while waiting for the fire to heat the one room cabin.

There was no electricity in the small lodge; it was primitive. It’s only modern conveniences consisted of a water closet and small shower. But then that had been part of the charm, Raleigh supposed. Just the two of them out in the middle of the woods. It had been the perfect start to a wonderful marriage.

Jeffers had known where they were, but no one had bothered them until morning when Thomas had brought them breakfast. They’d ended up staying in the cabin for a week.

“Raleigh, are you going to join me?” Steven stood in the open doorway of the hunting lodge, grinning at him. Apparently, Raleigh wasn’t the only one remembering their nuptial night.

Raleigh hurried to the cabin, shutting himself and Steven inside. Shrugging out of his coat, he did a quick survey.

The inside was just as he remembered. Rustic yet cozy. A large bed, covered in navy flannel sheets and a heavy dark green duvet, set adjacent to the large natural stone fireplace. The stone was native to Regelence, charcoal, brown and black lanite stone with glittering gold veins. Firelight cast over the stone made it shimmer. Raleigh shivered remembering the way the firelight had played across Steven’s bare skin.

He went up behind Steven as he laid Raleigh’s clothes out on a chair next to the water closet door. Raleigh ran his hands over the wide back, then tugged the coat off Steven’s shoulders.

After removing Steven’s coat, he stepped close, making sure their bodies touched. He rubbed his hard cock against Steven’s lower back and began parting Steven’s shirt.

Steven laid his head against Raleigh’s chest. Groaning low in his throat, he allowed Raleigh to take off his waistcoat and shirt before he turned in Raleigh’s arms. He kissed Raleigh breathless, backing him toward the bed.

Moaning, Raleigh let himself be swept away. There was no place he’d rather be. If the shopping didn’t get done, he’d write the kids I.O.U’s.

When his legs hit the back of the bed, he broke the kiss, sat, and unfastened Steven’s trousers. Steven’s thick, hard prick reached forward making Raleigh’s mouth water. He loved the taste of Steven. Loved the soft tip of Steven’s cock tracing his lips.

Gripping the hard flesh, Steven held it towards Raleigh’s mouth. “Suck me.”

Raleigh licked up his husband’s shaft and then back down before shoving the trousers lower. Tracing the prominent vein, he laved his way to the balls. The soft sacks caressed the bridge of his nose as he made his way back up to engulf the thick cock.

The familiar taste and feel exploded in his mouth, jolting his senses. He lost himself in the task, knowing exactly how to drive Steven crazy. Using his spit slick hand, he follow his mouth’s path.

“Stop. Get your boots and trousers off.” Steven stepped back and began freeing himself from the rest of his clothing.

Raleigh watched the play of muscles rippling across his abdomen for a second before turning to his own garments. Once naked, he pulled the dagger from his boot, laid it on the nightstand and lay back on the bed. The warm air caressed his bare skin, exhilarating and exciting him.

Steven climbed onto the mattress.

“Did you bring lube?”

The grin Steven gave him was downright wicked. He lay down beside Raleigh and turned toward the nightstand, giving Raleigh a view of a firm bitable arse.

As Steven retrieved the lube, Raleigh gave into temptation, scooted down and sank his teeth in to one round globe.

“Bloody hell.” Laughing, Steven jerked forwad and turned over. He tossed the bottle of lube onto the pillow, grabbed Raleigh and rolled him onto his back. He straddled Raleigh, his fingers digging in, tickling Raleigh’s ribs.

They ended up rolling around the big bed, laughing and wrestling.

Raleigh finally managed to get on top and stared down into sherry colored eyes. He always looked forward to his time alone with his husband. Steven was the one and only person Raleigh could play with and cut loose. It was refreshing and relaxing.

The laughter faded and they stayed there for several seconds, staring into the others eyes.

“I love you.” Steven urged Raleigh forward.

“And I you.” Raleigh leaned toward to his king.

Seizing his lips, Steven pushed his tongue inside and traced the depths of Raleigh’s mouth. All the while his hands roamed over Raleigh’s back, hips and arse. “Get the lube, Dearest.”

Raleigh retrieved the bottle from underneath a pillow where it had ended up. Before he could offer it to Steven, he found himself on his back, with Steven on his knees between Raleigh’s spread thighs.

“Mmm…” Steven licked a line down Raleigh’s belly and captured Raleigh’s cock in his mouth. Humming his pleasure, Steven sent vibrations along Raleigh’s prick.

It tickled and felt good at the same time. Raleigh’s balls drew tighter. He lifted his hips, pushing himself further into his spouse’s hot mouth. “Oh galaxy.”

He was barely aware of Steven taking the lube from his hand, but the warm slick finger probing at his hole gained his undivided attention. Moaning, he wiggled from his hips.

The finger slipped in and out as Steven swallowed his cock. A tingle started at the base of Raleigh’s spine and radiated upward. He pushed down, trying to make Steven go deeper. He wanted Steven inside of him, not just a finger. “Steven, please.” Steven was the only man in the entire universe who could make him beg…for anything.

Another finger joined the first, working in and out, stretching him. The sting was wonderful, reminding him of that first night and how the feeling had actually frightened him. He’d been so weary of the pain thanks to that stupid plug. Galaxy, he’d come along way from that naive seventeen year-old he used to be…they both had.

Adding a third finger, Steven let Raleigh’s cock slip from his mouth.

Raleigh damned near babbled incoherently.

Steven retrieved the lube again and drizzled it onto his cock still working his fingers in and out. His gazed, however, fixated on Raleigh’s bobbing prick.

Precum pooled on Raleigh’s lower abdomen where the head of his cock had made contact. His shaft shone from Steven’s saliva.

“Are you ready for me?” Steven asked, withdrawing his fingers.

Raleigh whimpered at the loss and jerked his head in some semblance of a nod. “Yes, oh yes. Now.”

Pushing Raleigh’s legs back, Steven lined himself up, met Raleigh’s gaze and slid slowly in.

It was heaven and hell at the same time. Raleigh wanted to close his eyes and just feel, but the look of sheer love and bliss on Steven’s face captivated him.

Steven’s hips rested against Raleigh’s arse for only a brief second before he pulled back and thrust forward again. He was obviously past going slow. He jabbed forward with his hips, over and over. The sound of skin slapping together drowned  out the fire crackling in the hearth. Their breaths became panting groans as Steven moved faster and faster, fucking him with deep hard strokes.

Thrashing his head back and forth, Raleigh reveled in the lovely friction. His consort was so bloody thick it always made him feel so full. He loved that burning sensation. His arousal was so intense he swore his balls were going to crawl right up into his body. Opening his eyes, he watched pearly drop glisten on the tip of his prick as it bobbed up and down, nearly slapping his belly with each of Steven’s forward thrusts.

Pushing Raleigh’s legs up further, Steven changed the angle.

“Oh bloody hell, there! Right there.” Raleigh fisted his prick and began stroking.

Sweat trickled down Steven’s face, wetting the salt and pepper hair at his temples. More ran down his chest. His skin glowed golden in the firelight. He’d alway been simply stunning, but Raleigh would remember him like this for a long time to come.

Lightning raced up his back and pleasure rushed over him. His vision whited out for a few seconds and his entire body clenched as he came. The hot splash of cum hit his stomach as Steven stiffened and shouted out above him. Warmth filled Raleigh’s arse.

Steven let go of Raleigh’s legs and collapsed forward onto his hands. When he opened his eyes, he stared at Raleigh.

Raleigh managed to lift his head off the bed just enough to brush a kiss across his king’s lips before letting his head fall back to the mattress. “Merry Christmas, Steven.”

The bed shook along with Steven’s shoulders. A chuckle escaped his mouth.


“Merry Christmas?”

“Yes. Merry Christmas. I imagine it’s past midnight now.”

“I suppose you’re right, but I was really hoping for something a little more…” He shrugged and rolled his eyes up like he was thinking. “A little more appropriate.”

Raleigh frowned. “Like what?”

“Like, Steven you’re a God. Or Steven you—”

Raleigh groaned, grabbed his husband behind the neck and kissed him to shut him up. One thing hadn’t changed in twenty-five years… Steven’s enormous ego.

Raleigh let him go and Steven smiled, rolling to Raleigh’s side. Raleigh hissed at the lovely feel of Steven’s cock slipping out of him.

Steven chuckled. “That’s a little more like it. Merry Christmas, Cony.”



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